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We would like you to allow yourselves to indulge in "well-being", which is the cornerstone of our mission. We are one of the leaders on the Romanian market, in most of the segments in which our Group operates. However, we would like to believe that not the sales figures represent us. It’s what we find behind the figures that is important: great taste, well-being and the countless pleasant surprises we offer to our consumers. For almost two decades, we put soul and bring passion to all we do; seeking to inspire that sense of well-being into everything, by delivering superior quality products and great care for details. It is this passion that determines us to constantly innovate our products: whether it’s flavours, ingredients, shapes, packaging or the way our products reach you. It is our duty to continuously imagine and test new products and recipes, investing considering amounts in research and development. In the same time, we always try to be close to you, to get to know your likes and dislikes and to be the first to surprise you with the products you've been wishing for. We are proud that with excellent local people, in local production sites we do all these things, so you can enjoy anytime, anywhere the savour and comfort of Alka’s delicacies. In fact, everything we do here at Alka is based on understanding the needs and preferences of people. This is how we show our respect and appreciation towards our consumers and partners, for the success of whom we feel responsible and proud to contribute. Whether you have chosen us for the unique taste of our delicacies, or for the winning partnership we have built together, we would like to thank you and to assure you that we will continue to meet all your needs and expectations in the same manner. We will do this by staying true to the standards that helped us to place ourselves among the leaders of this market. Truly yours, Amir Krenzia Alka Founder
Mission “We, Alka, put soul in everything we do; we constantly anticipate consumer needs offering the right products to reach a state of well being” Vision “Be recognized as the innovative market challenger, developing our brands globally and truly satisfying our customers and consumers” Alka Values Innovation – Creating value out of new ideas, new products, new services or new ways of doing things Integrity and respect – we are honest and responsible, showing respect for the company, our partners and consumers Flexibility – we have the ability to adapt our strategies, decisions and actions based on the circumstances Knowledge sharing - We encourage professional development, improvement and transmitting the knowledge throughout the entire organization Belonging and dedication – Alka is more than a job, it is a team that we feel attached to, engaging with all our soul in what we do Team work – Each individual has its importance in the chain of success, but we believe in teamwork. Team is more than the sum of individuals.
"Group Alka was established in 1994 as a Greenfield investment. Alka was then the first manufacturing & Distribution Company in Romania of grind coffee wrapped in foil, vacuumed or packed in small bags. Since then, Alka invested tens of millions of Euro in technology and business development. Today, Alka Group businesses are covering many categories, with presence all over Romania and outside Romania. Alka sustains by its activities thousands of families by employing directly hundreds of employees and having directly and indirectly thousands of partners. Never the less, the company is a big contributor to the states budget. We at Alka, we are very proud of being an important part of the Romanian economy."