Being Alka’s partner means being a part of a professional team, acting according to high quality and ethical standards. The advantages of our partnerships translate into professionalism, safety and quality.

Currently, Alka Group distribution covers a universe of over 30.000 stores and includes both the internal force as well as external partners. Internal distribution is covering 11 regional districts – Mogoșoaia and Glina (Ilfov county), Pitești, Ploiești, Timișoara, Cluj Napoca, Bacău, Brăila, Constanța, Oradea and Focșani – and over 8.000 stores; the 11 locations are logistic centres that permanently serve the entire country. In the rest of the areas the distribution is managed through local partners.

The performance of the distribution activities is monitored through an integrated Trade Marketing & Distribution computerized system that allows at any time control, status reports, analysis and thus ensure a continuous supply flux.